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Jessica Bryant

 Watercolor Artist & Teacher

Before the advent of the first photograph in France around 1826, folks had to rely on artists to portray the great outdoors.  Some works were good, really good; others, well never should have gone public. Many works were sketched in pencil, charcoal or watercolor and are still around today.  Unfortunately for artists, at least, camera photographs have greatly improved—and the need for artists to capture that magical moment in that special stream or lake has diminished.


With this month’s speaker we will return to that period where art works could magically capture a landscape, a magical moment.  Jessica Bryant who hails from Coeur d’Alene  crafts daydreams, images that cast spells over those who view them. Her landscapes are spell binding as she plays with light and captures exquisite detail. Viewers take themselves into the landscape scenes, hearing streams bubble over rocks in the Coeur d’Alene river or gaze at the soft light playing in the early morning at mountain lakes in National Parks.


She grew up in Minnesota and attended art classes at high school; if the course had the word “art” in it, she took the class. At the University of Minnesota, she chose to major in academic areas as she didn’t believe she could make a living as an artist. When she and her family moved to Idaho in 2000, set aside her art projects to raise a young family.  When the family moved to the San Francisco Bay Area, she dabbled in a few more art classes and discovered that she had a rare talent in the medium of watercolor. Ironically, early on Jessica hated watercolor, but decided to learn more (Bryant recalls saying to herself: “I’m going to do that [watercolor] just because I can.”). She shared samples of her early watercolor efforts with her Dad; he strongly encouraged her to pursue the watercolor medium. And now that is what Bryant does! And she does it quite well! As a teacher, Jessica shares her talents with students at a local elementary school.

Chelsea Cordova from the Art Spirit gallery praises Bryant for hard work, diligence and ethics in what she paints.  She is professional, is a hard worker, follows-up on a timely basis and has created a magnificent portfolio.


Last spring, North Idaho Fly Casters were invited to Jessica’s Red Brick Studio in Coeur d’Alene where we were treated to a sensory overload of beautifully framed watercolors.  And Jessica presented attendees with a delightful conversation about her work—and fielded engaging questions about herself and her works! And now, she’s our presenter at the November meeting.


Below is picture of our President Rene Blythe and Jessica Bryant at the spring meeting.

Forrest Whitt & Jim McDonnell